Miss Yue Liang

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Miss Yue Liang

Post by Yue Liang on Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:51 am

Yue Liang
Moon Girl
Aligned with Avatar
True Good
Physical Appearance:
Yue has darker skin and black hair that waves down to her shoulder blades. She has two braids along the top of her head and two that hang in front of her shoulders. Her eyes are sapphire blue. Her attire consists of a dark blue dress that hangs around her knees with white fur lining. It has long puffed sleeves and a V shaped neckline. She wears a dark brown leather 'corset' trimmed with white fur with a darker brown belt. The buckle is a circle with a cross in it. She wears gloves that match the 'corset' and thick white stockings, and brown leather boots with fur lining.
Yue is a headstrong young woman who loves helping people. She is kind and sweet, but very snarky and sarcastic towards her close friends. She loves travel, and getting to see the world. She thinks it's the best part of her job. She doesn't seek conflict but will jump in if there is a side that desperately needs help. She has a certain liking towards those she thinks are different than most and tends to try to befriend them.

Bending style:
Bending Master:
Local elder woman Haruko
Healing, offensive and defensive Waterbending, can calm people fairly easily.
Separating her feelings for someone out of a fight and in a fight, headstrong, her mouth can get her in trouble.
Fears she'll never find the avatar, or worse, see them die before her eyes.

Southern Water Bender
Region and Place of Residence:
Travels constantly, but has a home in Harbor City, Southern Water Tribe
Close relationships:
Makoto (Father), Hoshiko (Mother), Yang (Best Friend)
Current Occupation:
White Lotus Member, cover as a traveling nurse.
Healing people, traveling, sparring, fashion.
The Red Lotus, arrogant people, prolonged exposure to heat.
Driving force:
Find the Avatar and put them back in their rightful place.
Singing, traveling, meditating, light reading.
Yue's bending master was once apart of the White Lotus, leaving because of the futility of the task of finding the avatar with so few people while the Red Lotus was a huge organization. As a child she loved hearing the stories, and as she got older, she asked where she could find other members. The nearest chapter her teacher knew of was in the Fire Kingdom. Yue decided she would go join. She left home at 17, arriving in the Fire Nation and following the distinct instructions. She was frightened and alone when she met Yang, a kind young man who had heard she would be coming and was apart of the White Lotus. He took her to the meeting and initiated her into the organization. The two quickly became best friends and now travel searching for the Avatar.
Yue Liang

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Re: Miss Yue Liang

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