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Avatar Ekta

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Chaotic Good, is the avatar

Physical Appearance:
Ekta is of the usual appearnce of those from the Si Wong Desert, particulary the Hami Tribe. She has dark skin that seems to always be dirty and hair that she isn't the best at taking care of. She has black hair and green eyes that match the usual appearnce of Earthbenders. Ekta is 5 ft 4 ins tall and weighs about 132 lbs, most of this is lean muscle that she has accumulated over the years from work and bending. Ekta may be called beautiful but she doesn't conform to your average female stereotype, she has less than average breast size, looks a bit like a boy, and wears her hair very short. She likes to wear her hair up into a small ponytail that is held in place by a small strip of leather as a hairtie. It is rare to see Ekta in anything other than her Hami clothing.

Ekta is a rather cheerful girl even though she has been dealt a rough hand in life. When dealing with those in her place of employment she can become very stern and will take no crap from anyone. Ekta has always been someone who easily makes friends which can sometimes get her in trouble as she is willing to make friends with those who travel in and out of the Desert and it can be pretty dangerous sometimes. Even though Ekta gets attached to people easily she hasn't reall experinced her first love yet, most believe she actually has a boyfriend as she is always with her best friend Chin.

Bending style:
Earthbending (Si Wong Style, meaning it is much, much more fluid than traditional)


Bending Master:
Master Gopan

She is a master sandbender, fast, creative, and is actually pretty good at learning different bending styles.

Not really that strong, she doesn't think the most logical way, she has trouble determining what is good and bad, stubborn, tries to see the good in people, and can become attached easily.

Buzzard wasps, herself (mainly the fact that she's the avatar), if she'll be able to become a fully realized avatar, and if she'll be as good as the past avatars.

Si Wong Desert, Earth Kingdom

Region and Place of Residence:
Si Wong Desert, Earth Kingdom

Close relationships:
Master Gopan (Bending master), Chin (Best Friend), Jaya (Mother), and Charan (Father)

Current Occupation:
Avatar; Barkeeper at Misty Palms Oasis Bar

Learning, reading, drawing, bending arts, and sneaking into the desert at night.

People who force her to stay in all the time and being unable to make friends with people she wants.

Driving force:
To create peace in the world and stop the Red Lotus from taking over.

Reading, drawing, talking to people, and trying to bend in different styles.

Avatar Ekta was born into a family of special mix. Her mother was a nonbender daughter of a headleader from the beetle-headed merchants tribe and her father was a sandbender of the Hami tribe. Her parents came to know eachother due to both their parents both bringing them with them when they traded items. Since this became the normal, Charan played and became friends with Jaya and secretly had a crush on her. When they became of age for marrige he asked for her hand and her father happily obliged but Jaya didn't want to marry him because her father said she had to. Soon enough he decided to let go of his offer and decided to woo her into becoming his wife. They finally ended up together after many displays of affection and gave birth to a little girl who named Ekta, they chose her name becau se their marrige helped with the unity of the two tribes. Even though Ekta's father was a great sandbender, along with his life time friend Gopan, she didn't seem to have any of his bending abilities. Their family was rather disppointed that she didn't have any abilities and made a condition. If she did not learn how to bend by her tenth birthday she was to live with her grandfather and become a great merchant, he would raise her like his own daughter. Her parents agreed and signed a contract for it. Her father did not want to agree to this but he did anyway. As soon as she turned 7 her father and Gopan began teaching her the ways of bending and little by little she began to pick up the different styles, though she still lacked the ability to actually perform the bending skills. She was brought on a trip into the desert with her father and friends. They were eventually attacked by angry buzzard wasps and she began to panic, as her family and friends were defending themselves against the wasps and losing may I note, she became so distressed that she went into her avatar state and killed the wasps. When they returned to the tribe they had her show her grandpa that she could bend but kept the fact that she was the avatar a secret so no one would tell the Red Lotus because they knew what would happen. Due to her increasing power she has become a master sandbender and has learned to supress any time of stress with coping skills.


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