Technology in the Avatar world

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Technology in the Avatar world

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:44 pm

o Transportation
o Land
§ Cars: SatoMobiles leading creator of cars. Models similar to 50’s style cars. Taxis everywhere. Race cars used by the richer people.
§ Mopeds: Mopeds less popular, motorcycles are on the rise. Snowmobiles used in the Northern and Southern Water Tribes instead of mopeds/motorcycles.
§ Trains: Trains get faster, sleeper & restaurant cars, emphasis on comfortable travel.
§ Trams: Unchanged.

o Air
§ Hot Air Balloons: Used more for recreation now than transportation.
§ Blimps: Similar use to hot air balloons.
§ Airplanes: Newest in technology, used for fast and large transportation.

o Sea
§ Cargo Ship: Now only used for hauling goods around the globe.
§ War Ship: More variety in sizes and styles.
§ Submarines: Able to go deeper and longer than old versions, no longer powered by water benders.
§ Yacht/Cruise Liners: Recreational purposes. Yachts popular summer time vehicles for the rich.

o Entertainment
o Television: Brand-new sensation in the nation. Quickly outdoing the radio for top entertainment. Movie theaters become a popular entertainment venue.
o Radio: Still popular among the lower classes.
§ Microphones: Now able to be carried around, ‘individual microphones’.
o Phonograph: New models being produced that are more compact and have better sound quality.
o Telephone: More common in businesses. Upper and Middle Upper classes own them.
o Cameras: Flashbulb replaced by xerography (electric photography)


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